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a company built on trust and a commitment to bring

the best possible service to every insured.


- Why?

U Trust Insurance Agency is your superior choice

when it gets to trucking insurance.


We have several key factors that help us be who we are: Honesty, Relationship and the right kind of partnership with our insurance carriers that will get you the best results! Beside all that we help you stay complaint with the FMCSA and we're along your side through your ups and downs!

U Trust Insurance Agency was formed in 2018 by two partners that had a common goal: to gain the insureds trust. Trust that we will always do everything we can to solve your problem and bring you the best out come no matter what it is and to be transparent in everything we do. On that foundation we have created U Trust Insurance Agency.
We don't want to talk only about concepts and pretty words, we want to be honest to the full, that's why we highlight some of our key factors:
  • We have excellent customer service. You won't ever have to deal anymore with someone not picking up the phone or waiting for hours or days to hear back from.
  • Certificates of Insurance are always done immediately. Our customer service team works from 7:00 am till 9:00 pm eastern time.
  • All quote requests on 1-5 trucks are usually quoted within 1-3 business days.
  • All renewals are done 1 month ahead with the exception of fleets that are done 2 month prior renewal.
  • In house consulting and tips on how to improve safety, that will eventually impact your insurance premium.
  • Agent - Client personal approach
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